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tv   Smerconish  CNN  January 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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former mistress paula % that's the recommendation fromok the justice department. the decision will ultimately be up to attorney general eric holder. >> we'll see you back at 10:00 eastern. here in the cnn newsroom. >> glad to have you. "smerconish" starts right now. >> this is cnnt(fá breaking news. >> good morning. i'm michael smerconish covering breaking news. frightening new evidence that the terror attacks in france over the last few daysrare the workxd of al qaeda. we've learned that one of the thredó terrorists killed yesterday cherife1 kouachi may have lived with the underwear bomber. you recall that he is the t@eqie%9"uz blow up an(g. airliner putting explosives in his underwear. meanwhile, right now the search for the w3wo"d#'s most wanted woman. across france looking for hayat boumediene, the laste1 surviving terrorist from yesterday's nb?çp
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bloodbath. bally.+ four of the hostages wereú as well. all four terr/scst, the hostageokt( takers and boumediene, the woman on the run, are said to be part of al qaeda in yemen. that groupxd claimedu responsibility yesterday with an e-mail to news organizations. i want to find out more about that deadly al qaeda cellfño first let us go to jakei] cammer who is in pariz> still investigating. what can you tell us about thexd link to the underwearçó bomber? >> reporter: yes. we're hearing new details of theçó last few hours aboutxd the link between the eldest of thefá brothers and the underwear bomber. we're getting the information from a journalist infá yemen. q
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to get therwording right. what we haveok heard is that a 2] journalist has told jfcnne1 that you mar abdou mu ta lab met mid january i]2011. in fact they shared a room, they shared a room back in yemen. this is how they met. this is from one q)son i have to remind you, this is -- we're notfá -- we can't independentt( we're hearing it from one witness alone. but there is a connectionçó that goes further back. we heard that they had strong links in yemen, and to al qaeda here and now this just anot( know at this stage how much the two brothers are connected to the gentleman whoe1 committed this heinousxd crime ç
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y and that's how they came to know each r theyralso were together near one of the schools and that's how they met. we don't know the level of their relation or theirñrr and they exchangedi] ideas between one another. it goes to show how much how well connected the two>"tq)s were. and it raises sov authoritiesxd here in france them. they had a record already. both of those brothers. so whyxd the split. during that periodd authorities didn't keepuan eye on the&p and this is something that french police will come under intense amountib= because they have got a lj f questions to answer. of course what we saw yesterdayxd things happened very quickly and they were applauded for the way theyk
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hostage crisis. nevertheless, questions remain and of course worthçó reminding viewers that a woman is still on the run. whereabouts and people here are ver( >> what's the latest with regard the working theory as to how she÷zn8gotmy away? >> this is really interesting. information from the hostages "' ming in. this is whatzom we know. we were told byw3 various sources that she was in there. we do not know we cannot confirm th interview between the gentleman, our affiliate, he called up and this is who i am this is my background and this is what my intentions are. mentioned her name.xdt( his girlfriend has been together
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since 2011. all of this i%÷ heard, we hearde1 various accounts that sheñr escaped as the police went in. you're going to see that the entrance, you're going to see bullett( holes in that wall there. if it's such a huge demand to see and if the hostages knew who she was, how is it possible when she came out that no one pointed with him. so many questions beinge1 asked. exactly about what happened in those few minutes. >> thank you. there is a lot more information on the al qaeda connection and i want to get toçó it nowt(t( with jake tappert( covering the story on the ground in paris. jake, have the french moved beyond mourning to the point where they are nowñrr guessing how@"ividuals who were known to law enforcement who were on the radar of law enforcement, could havefá perpetrated these attacks? >> inare now questions, michael, about that specifically about
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the fact that of the kouachixd brothers, one of them had actually servede1 time in prison for recruiting jihadis, to fight against america, i believe that he was in jail in 2008 in addition of course there was the trip to-9vq yemen in 2011 where there was apparent training with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, both of these individualsfá we had an expert a french counter terrorismcu?h expert on cnnud earlier today, who
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i'm of course right now outside÷ok the offices of the magazine "charlie hebdo" and a lot have come to pay their respectslp to leave flowers, to leave e1 cartoons, leavee1xd expressiotsx of solidarity solidarity. we saw a girl writing on a piece of paper to leave with the masses of other flowers and papers anét( cartoons that people have been leaving. but nowjf questions from experts and people in sf media are starting to be asked about why there wasn't a closer tab being kept on the brothers given the fact that they were known to have trained and in fact in one case actually been in prison for theirfáq terroristçó activism. >> stake with us. i jeremy skahill of the intercept, a website. and you were the first tot( receive information pertaining to the claim made by al qaeda in
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the arabian peninsula. tell us more about what they said. >> there is a difference between official claim from thee1 leadership of aqap which we do not have. the most credible statement we've seen was from the senior cleric of al qaeda the arabian peninsula who issued audio recording yesterday praising the attack but he stopt saying weñi did this. well-placed aqap source i received information from in the past that turned out to be very valid. that statement said that in fact aqqpr directed thisok attack that they did thisxd toxd avenge the desecration of the image of the prophet muhammad and there are going to be morexd attacks in france. they listed france as the number 3 with the united states and britain being the first two çó targets. >>zñ.u credible generally are the claims when they say thisa5(pr(t&háhp &hc% our work.v do they sometimes take credit for work that is not theirs to enhance their own posture? >> ñryeah. if you go on sort ofç÷+ jihadist
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websites everyone is scramblingw3 to try to take credit for this. it's going to help with fundraising fundraising. aqap has been in a turfu/j battle with isisçó for some time now so. there definitely is a built-injf incentive to say this is us we did this. what i would say in the past when aqax3 was involved with an operation like the underwearxd bomb plot they will follow it up by releasing photographs of that individual in yemen at their umar farouk. they will@seleasera martyr video. whether this was inspired by jf aqap and an wal al awlaki who in 2011, or theyxd directed it we don't know but there is a lot of we're not seeing the fire yet. >> jake xdtapper, i know youfá have a question for paul. go ahead and ask it. >> i do. but in casefá you're hearing music behind me i want to take a note to mention that apparently theredz"érj
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a cello play here has come to the site to pay his or her respect, i can't see from here and offer the crowd gathered beautiful musical tribute to the 12 victims of the terrorist attack. but moving on ej to ask you about thisi] report fromfá yemñ (@ of the cnn stringers in that country that he met one of thei] kouachi brothers in 2011 and that brother told him thatt( he had roomed withi] the so-called underwear bomber as michael mentioned earlier, and jeremy. how credible do you find that report? do you think that is actually possible or evenlp li fy? >> íhink it'st abdul mutal lab arrived in 2009 and trolled through mosquesi] to
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try asw get contactse1 withxdui] al awlaki. hefáq+5 roomed wi4r b a number in the city. so it's quite possible that these_ at that time. but i think that was xdxdbefore and this is important, that was+ before abdul mutallab connected. had contacts with a group and heñr was able to travel out the to tribal areasfá and meet withp,3w al awlaki and groomed to carry out this underwearxd bombing attack. after that he quickly left the country. so i think this meeting would have been beforeñi abdulçó mutallab joined. to çóaqap in termsxdi] of direction. >> on the issue of the level of support@ugqvñr received i heard therexperts say they operated their weaponry withi] sophistication. and yet itñi occurs to me as a lay personáñ needed the salon that00,000ed the
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magazine? one guy left his i.d. behind. and apparentlyñi there was no escape plan. what does that say if(#v anything about the level of sophistication and potential support that they had? >> i think first of all it was a bit unusual that they sort of did this as a hit and run rather than actuallyçó staing there to be killed which is typical. one possibility, i think speculation isxd dangerous but one possibility if it's not aq aqap training and they essentially were axd sleeper cell and that aqap was aware that at some point these guys are going to do necessarily running the showe] maybe they gaveçó a tip off said hey, we're going to do this in the next week so that aqap could then capitalize on it.tì emselves claimed that they did this in name of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and the islamic state. and we do know that there is this travel pattern in yemen and
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allegations that they met withñr an?= al awlaki, assassination of these cartoonists around the world including an american citizen in seattle who hadxd to changeq n though he islp dead. >> paul wouldxd cao so far as tot( say this was anlpi] intelligence failure where thesexd were knownw;7ç actors? >> i think there are manyçó questions. especially because theó[fb inífs2011 andp, getting training in?; yemen with this group. i think thatxd shouldçó have put them near the top of thet( priority list. the french have got a lot of people they got toxd monitor, about 5,000 people that theyht opened security files on that's a huge number. people 24/7 so every day, 00l every week you have to have a sort ofi] priority list. it's possible that wheni]xt
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suspicious kind of sleeper cell u!uscenario. soko that they were taken off the center of thatx: screen. but there are a for dhá n 200 that one of them was convicted for wanting to go and travel and join al qaeda in iraq, basically isis in iraq in 2005. so a long track record here. >> jake, doç you havejf a final question forw3okñijfxd jeremy? yeah. i wanted tor ow&m these radicalized individuals, whether nidal hasan the boston bombers and
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soundçófá as though the kouachi brothers seems to resonate. what is it about his message,ñi histúñcommunicationjf abilities, that seems to take hold in these terrorists who become >> look if yourlisten to _lp sermons oft( anwar al awlaki +o( speaks the language ofn:0át streets. heñr talks toe1 young people in a jar gone that they understand. he makes comparisons with soccer, he makes comparisons with very recognizable kuljfe1 culturallpi] institutions and this idea of popularizingw3 the notion of fighting a violente1 jihad and making it kind@f of cool to be honest. that's really what t point of his message was. heq called in june 2010 when inspire magazine was spirs published he called directly for the assassination of these cartoonists. they published a hit listçó withq
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viral around the world. in the recent issue of ins@i magazine which came out in december, again they -- there was afá focus on let's go after people that are demeaning the prophet muhammad. >> thank you. i've gotnbto take a quick break. when we come back@ñbfrance's jews are terrified, many are fleeing the country fearing theyfá have axd jihadistfá target on theirt( backsfrip r(t&háhp &hc more and more horrific attacks by jihadis what is the [s'nection between islam andñr violence? i'll talk to two people about that subject. wearing, i tell them aveeno®. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa
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test. test. >> continuing our breaking news coverage. the two brothers who attacked were the sons of immigrants born in france. in fact an estimated 5 to 8% of the population of france is muslim, and many of those muslims live in isolated
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communities where jobs are scarce and schools poor. unemployment is very high there as well. the the overall unemployment rate in france is about 10%. but for muslims it's double that and estimated 18 to 22%. and for young muslims it's higher. estimated 30 to 40%, some say that's a partial explanation for why so many are attracted to jihad. on the other hand there are about a half million jews in france, and many of them are terrified about the rising tide of anti-semitism. yesterday's hostage standoff at a kosher market made jews feel like they have a target on their backs. last night grand synagogue of paris did not hold friday night services, its rabbi frightened for the safety of his congregation. few people know more about this than fareed zakaria who joins me here and cnn terror contributor who joins us from paris. welcome to both of you. samuel, it would seem no coincidence that hostages were taken at a kosher market.
6:21 am
>> well definitely yes. actually there are two things. first of all, for radical muslim now a days obviously israel is one of the points and there is i would say there is a feeling that jewish as a whole, represent support israel so they are targets. what we can see also is that france has i would say a self-bred culture of anti-semitism despite what has been said on the government basis. so therefore, all this makes a very toxic mix for the jewish community in france which is very, very often targeted. there has been some very minor assault in the same district this 19 districts of france which is the place where this jihadi network originated from in 2005 and 2008. we saw a lot of us over the last
6:22 am
months it came like an early signal. actually, nobody taking them into account and nobody related them to a wider i would say terror threat. >> meanwhile, fareed t editor says every french jew i know is leaving france. >> it's a tragedy what happened in europe in general because what you've had is historically anti-semitism was a european disease and i think it is a disease. that in the muslim world, in the empire there was not a great deal of anti-semitism, that's one of the places eighty jews went and found safe harbor. there were millions of jews in the middle east in the 19th century and the 19 tens 20s. this whole european disease which was viralan, the anti-semitism has fused with the passions of the modern middle east. the issue of israel the
6:23 am
occupation, and it has produced this combustible mixture of ideology for these unemployed young men you were talking b. it is probably true that many french jews are leaving. and yet, you still see anti-semitism not just in the muslim population, france unfortunately among right wing kind of neo-nazi pro national groups so -- >> i want to ask you about that. what will be the political implications, not only in france but in europe at large within those nationalistic parties. it seems for all of the wrong reasons they are about to get a shot in the arm. >> almost certainly. they have been doing well even before this. and what's likely to happen is the party of the right wing party in france the parties in northern europe holland and denmark will all do well t anti-europe party in the united kingdom will do well. and strangely this does is this
6:24 am
does the terrorist work for them. because what al qaeda, isis are trying to do is to create a situation in which france europe in general becomes more and more hostile to muslims. muslims then feel they have to use violence -- it becomes a strategy of conflict rather than integration. and in that sense you know it's been very comforting to see how the french authorities from the president, the prime minister responded by saying we are going to try to maintain the sense of integration. >> samuel on this same political dynamic issue, do the interests of working class whites who feel economically disenfranchised for a host of different reason converge now with the interests of some young muslim men who feel that economically they have been shut out? how does that converge? >> actually that doesn't converge at all. the point is that obviously the reaction of unity in france that has been shown by the prime
6:25 am
minister, by the president and so on, are wonderful because it's time for mourning. actually, france now a days is the most fragmented fractured country in europe. we have basically we had some controversial books about islam, about integration over the last couple months that basically broke the society into different groups. so we need a debate about islam because islam is taking a huge place now in the national debate and there is absolutely no union almost, despite what he is saying the prime minister and we can see it by the national -- the far right party which is gaining the upper hand. and which is winning hard. at the same time radical islamists gaining heart of the entire muslim community. and nobody wants to take this debate on the table.
6:26 am
the point is that what are today limits of expression. what is today the limit of islam? should we start to criminalize the radicalization, the radical islam, the interior minister says no. at the same time the prime minister say yes. so we see that we have a very -- a government that is basically crippled by contradiction, crippled by internal dissension between its right wing or liberal wing and the left wing that want to keep tolerance at the center so. basically we are very badly and poorly prepared to face the challenge in terms of security in terms of politics and in terms of social unity in france. >> you wrote an important column in the aftermath of all of this saying that the koran prescribes no punishment for blasphemy. why all of the confusion? >> for a long time there have been politicians and prooepss and clerics who want to claim
6:27 am
that they represent religion and that they are going to purify it and cleanse it. it's convenient for politicians because they alie themselves with these very puritanical religious forces come across as holier than thou. the funny thing is the bible has lots of things about blasphemy and says repeated me they must be stoned to deaths. >> bible yes, koran no. >> the koran, the word blasphemy doesn't appear. there are many instances people ridicule the prophet muhammad. he doesn't do anything about it. it's truly bizarre case where the religion where the book says nothing about blasphemy has become this poster child for flas femurs. >> governments have embraced that and need to be called out. it was a great column. thank you for writing it.
6:28 am
we appreciate you. after a break i want to talk about violent islam, the mass killings, attacks, on a newspaper all in the name of allah. i'll be right back. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available.
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swelling of the lips tongue or throat or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. welcome back. continuing our breaking news coverage, the leader of hezbollah in lebanon of all
6:31 am
people is actually condemning the horrific attacks in paris. he says islamic extremists have insulted islam and the prophet muhammad more than those who publish cartoons mocking the religion. that's pretty astonishing. wednesday's massacre joins a line of attacks carried out in the name of radical islam. most muslims say islam is no more violent than any other religion but that's harder to believe and understand in light of these events. joining me is a joufrnlist and analyst who is also a muslim. what do you make of the leader of hezbollah coming out and adopting that mind-set? >> i think everybody is concerned. there is a war within islam between ideology of extremists fanatics and who wants a different kind of islam. there is 114 of the koran start with peace on you. what he wants to do about that i
6:32 am
think the majority of muslim community around the world they apply they don't go to source but there is one state that go directly to the source that's saudi arabia. we don't do anything about them. they condemn, back in paris in the same time they whip lash 50 times one of their cartoonists. >> if i'm not mistaken someone today is scheduled to be lashed 1,000 times and to be sent away for ten years all for the same time of behavior that precipitated this. >> exactly. for me the first isis state is saudi arabia. i keep repeating this over and over. after september 11 after that country gave us al qaeda, bin laden 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi, we didn't do much about them. we never pressed them for reform, to go back to the centuries of interterptation of the schools of koran that interpret every verse. they don't want to do that.
6:33 am
they think they are the protector of islam. they are exporting more extremism than bread and oil. >> nor have we seen the 28 pages from initial congressional investigation of potential linkage. >> this is outrageous. we need to stand up to these people. >> these terrorists in paris just caused further economic distress for young muslim men. they will be looked at with suspicion, they will be further isolated s. that part of the plan, is that actually what they seek to do? >> yes, this is typical al qaeda strategy. this is what they did in afghanistan and iraq. separating afghanistan, the various communities, this is how they thrive. by building a political identity around grievances whether it's political -- that's why they explode the war in iraq the palestinian occupation all of these grievances are exploited. there are kids that are borderline there. ignorant, they have a crisis of identity. these people are explosive
6:34 am
easily. look at the christmas bomber. he was a student in london. inspired by al awlaki. trained in yemen, he took a plane from i think holland to attack america. you have an issue today with these extremists that inspire people through the web, and also the charismatic preachers unfortunately. we need to come with other muslims and tell them you're not martyrs. you are criminals. >> you're saying this is not only a military strategy by apparently -- it's a political strategy and let's carry this out. because i just asked fareed zakaria a moment ago what will be the implication for the politics of europe and we agreed this will give rise to nationalist policies and parties. you're saying and that's very deliberate, they -- they did because they want to exacerbate these tensions and draw further wedge. all at the same time further penalizing young muslim men. >> they don't care. otherwise they wouldn't kill them in iraq and syria. they don't care. who are killing more muslims
6:35 am
than ever. look what happened in pakistan. they killed young children. babies. simt pli because their parents were part of the military or were in the army. so what they are doing they try to divide the communities. and by dividing them they polarize and radicalize. it's a deliberate strategy. this is how petraeus understood -- what petraeus did. this is success of petraeus. he went to iraq he separated extremists from the sunni tribes and he managed actual to have an american together with an iraqi and together they fought al qaeda. the leader of al qaeda in iraq was killed because muslims reported on him, collaborated with americans, and they hammered al qaeda together. they discy mated al qaeda. this is a model we need to apply. >> we had a number of conversations about israeli palestinian relations. much of what just took place in paris seems driven by
6:36 am
anti-semitism. there was no coincidence, i don't think it was a kosher market that was seized as a spot for hostages by one of these individuals. >> they want -- this is the same strategy. for them the police who was shot, mohammed and also one of the cartoonists who was a muslim as well for them they are as enemy as any jew in paris. the strategy is bigger than if you are muslim or not muslim or jew or not jew. al qaeda wants to put foot in europe. this is how they gate finances. the finances of al qaeda will rise with this attack because it is a success. they are trying to break the communities, the more communities are segregated ignored isolated listen last night i was at selma. for me looking at selma and what used to happen in the 60s we need to understand that some people will use this tragic event to be radicalized more.
6:37 am
other people will be more pacifist. >> appreciate you being here. ahead could it happen here? we asked that question all the time but now the u.s. government is warning that it's more than just a possibility. you want to hear this. don't go away. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed
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more breaking news coverage. the state department has issued new terror bulletins in the aftermath of the paris massacres and they are frightening, they warn americans traveling abroad at risking of attack or kidnapping. there is no hard intelligence about impending attacks. the question remains why are the warnings so dire? james reese is a global apairs analyst and terrorism expert and former member of the delta force. he joins me from north carolina. what's the threat level now to the united states? >> michael, good morning. right now the threat warning has gone up. it really needs to take a look at in the u.s. and especially for u.s. citizens abroad. what we're doing and what's going forward. right now as you know a lot of the federal buildings have hardened positions. unfortunately, those are easy to do and that's not soft targets. it's the soft targets we need to be taking a look at and really doing a good after action review
6:41 am
of what we've seen in france over the last couple days and see what we can improve here. >> colonel, on monday i visited the british parliament and had a conversation conversation, one day before the attack, two days before. i had a conversation with a member of parliament in the uk who said on the subject of terror, that mi 5 had informed him that the greatest problem they face is one of resources because it takes more than 20 individuals to properly surveil one terrorist who is deserving of being watched and these lists have grown exponentially of individuals who are deserving of being watched do. we have the same problem in the united states? >> michael, unfortunately we do. and all of these countries that are doing this have issues with resources and what the priorities are. i think right now somewhere about we have over one million people on our watch list. unfortunately, it comes down to budgets, people and what we can
6:42 am
do. and at the end of the day, right now being on a continuing resolution does not help our intelligence and law enforcement agencies do these type of things. >> i want to ask you a question as a former member of delta force. it appears that the 26-year-old woman was able to get away we don't know when the hostage situation was interrupted. talk to me what it means to isolate a target and potentially what might have gone wrong here. >> michael, on any type of hostage rescue aspect the most important thing you can do on a target is isolate the objective or target area. bottom line that means is put a circle around it. don't let any one in don't let anyone out until the assault is over with. it looks like that happened at some time. i believe after everything we've been looking at right now is she was initially in the target area, and as the law enforcement as the raid element of the french police started
6:43 am
getting into position they did not isolate that place quick enough and she was able to what we call squirt the objective area. >> colonel, the fact that as of this moment she remains on the run, does it suggest to you that she's operating with the benefit of a cell? >> michael, i believe so. i do believe there has been a cell, i believe that cell probably dock ternlly what we've seen of watching al qaeda and they build their cells, 10 to 12 because the smaller element gives good information and operational security. so i think there are probably a couple that could help her move along and say underground. >> will you speak to the level of sophistication or lack of sophistication that you see in the underlying incident at "charlie hebdo"? i ask that because experts, people like you have made the point that they operated their machinery with a technical skill. yet, as a lay person i look at it and say they apparently needed directions to get to "charlie hebdo." one guy left his i.d. behind and
6:44 am
they don't seem to have had an escape path. what do you make of that? >> well just like a lot of things is you know missions and plans sound great on a white board but once there's contact or the first issue comes up it starts to crumble. that's where long term training and long term thinking through the problem set and having second and third order plans, what we call branches and sequels set inside helps people execute. i would tell you the initial operation i believe they had help planning it there was reconnaissance done on it. they had a pretty good plan set up in place. once they had the car accident once they dropped the shoe they started to get nervous and making mistakes once those happened things start to crumble and they did not have enough experience to rebound from those mistakes and keep going, and thank god for us and for the law enforcement agencies that's
6:45 am
usually where these folks make problems that help us find them and catch them. >> colonel, thank you for your expertise. >> thank you. >> when we come back jake tapper joins us again from pair paris. and all of this violence in paris was over cartoons. if everyone is standing up for free speech i'm wondering why very few big media outlets are exercising that right and reprinting cartoons. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved
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continuing our breaking news coverage. we talked earlier in the program about the crisis that french jews are facing right now. they fear the rising tide of anti-semitism in france. last night they even feared going to services at synagogues. cnn anchor jake tapper is standing by in paris to talk more about this and has breaking news. jake? >> reporter: michael, a few minutes ago the four victims at the kosher supermarket where the attack was were identified by the news service. we have pictures of johan cohen and the other two are phillipe and francois. we do not have their ages or
6:49 am
images. paris officials say they can confirm that amedi coulibaly who killed the hostages before police stormed the market now turning back to the fears of anti-semitism in france and joining me is the vice president of the french union of jewish students. thanks for being here. you had heard of one of those students before he was killed you heard about him before. >> yeah. heard about him because -- >> which one? >> johan. both of them because -- yes. because a lot about students we met him. i don't know him personally. >> but you heard his name before. >> yes. >> how scared are jews in france? >> yes. jews in france i don't think that they are scared. i think they want to protest, they want to be heard and they
6:50 am
want to be protect. i think that today jew are not scared, they want to think about their death and to tell the world that anti-semitism is everybody issue, not just jewish issue. issue for content.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
skewed. we'd also be treated islam different they than other religions. the catholic church for example has certainly never been showed such deference. the brooklyn museum of art in 1990 of a image of the virgin mary dotted with the elephant dung they found despicable. still no one deserves to die by wielding a the paint brush orb magic marker. many are quick to point out that terrorists despite acting in the name of their religion are unrepresentative of the muslim faith and certainly that is true. but similarly logic dictates
6:57 am
that any censorship of the satire that spurred had violence suggests all muslims interest the same as the perpetrators when clearly they are not. it assumes that this behavior is the norm when clearly it is not. so who should decide what is reasonable and permissible? i say certainly not the two whose judgment was so impaired that they were willing to execute in response to obvious satire. i'll be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> this is cnn breaking news. >> a man is inside the supermarket. he supposedly has hostages as many as five. >> a column of police vans heading in the direction of the shooting. >> we didn't know there was even a second suspect let alone a female. >> there is an early indication that the operation may be finished. >> the mayor is telling cnn that the two brothers are dead. >>